I am addicted to you - Best Lanvin Celebrity Combinations 5

Best Lanvin Celebrity Combinations


Lanvin is a fashion brand created by AlberElbaz. It captivated the entire world of fashion with its shimmering looks and stellar jumpsuits that celebrities simply love to wear. He practically reimagined the entire myriad of styles by successfully combining youthful vibes with refined elegance. Among his fans are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, Emma Stone and Harry Styles.




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Kim and Kanye were seen at the Met Gala in 2014 wearing Lanvin attires. He wore a lovely black tailcoat, a white dress shirt and a pair of stylish black pants. It allowed him to keep his signature chic look and fulfil the formal dress code requirements the event demanded.   Kim wore a more glamorous combination; a deep blue dress with which revealed her shoulders, a black belt and high heeled shoes in the colors that matched the dress. Together they looked amazing and generally picked up great comments in all the leading fashion magazines.



Harry Styles wore Lanvin at the 2014 British Fashion Awards. The event was, of course, filled with perfectly dressed celebrities but Harry managed to stand out from the crowd. His black suit had red stripes over them, and he complimented his jacket with a black shirt. Red stripes in particular gave his attire a hint of creativity, which made him look particularly attractive in combination with his wavy hair. Together it made for a stylish but still elegant look, just the kind Lanvin specializes in.



72nd Golden Globe awards saw Emma Stone dressed in Lanvin from head to heels. Her black pants and white shirt with rhomboid patterns made her look fresh, while her classic black high-heeled shoes and a long jacket added a splash of elegance to her attire. Emma tends to dress amazing, and she did not disappoint this time either.