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Best Instagram beauty accounts of the week

We are still couple of weeks away from Halloween, but chilly weather, yellow leaves and darker impulses of autumn can certainly be felt. Eva Cavalli held a birthday party in London, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevigne attended and dressed in full costume ball regalia, and MariacarlaBoscono came dressed as a gothic beach babe. Meanwhile, actress Marine Deleeux proudly showed off her new rose tattoo.A truly important time for us all!

So, we are given a rich choice of possibilities, especially on a social media as fertile as Instagram for new fads and trends. In order not to get lost in a sea of dubious advice, we compiled a list of websites you can browse through and check out the hottest Instagram accounts of 2015.

First and foremost, follow Kendall Jenner. Not only does she hold the current title for one picture on Instagram with most likes, but is the fastest growing super model in the fashion industry. Besides the usual Kardashian/Jenner goodness, you will get top notch fashion advice and be able to nick an idea here and there too.


Clara Delevigne is just the coolest person we could ever imagine. The model managed to develop a 100% unique style that will mark her up in history with trend setters and fashion icons of the world such as Sophia Laurent and Audrey Hepburn. Besides the unquestionable taste in fashion, the model has a wonderfully quirky sense of humor that will make you giggle throughout your day.



Lady Gaga is now already a veteran of music industry that needs no special introduction. Be it her creative and sometimes straight out bizarre dresses or her wonderfully tame ballroom gowns, Gaga does not disappoint. Follow her on Instagram to bask in her creativity and eccentric nature and maybe get inspired for some project of your own.