I am addicted to you - BEST HAIR IN AMERICA 8

Best Hairstyles In United States Of America

Best Hairstyles In United States Of America

The votes are in! Beauticians all through the nation let us know which star coifs you’re clamoring for. Look at the runners-up here, and for the complete winners list €”in addition to must-see tips and items €”get the August issue of ELLE (on magazine kiosks now).


  • Runner-Up: Gwyneth Paltrow
I am addicted to you - Best Hairstyles In United States Of America

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“Gwyneth Paltrow’s clean, chic, mid-length shape is an incredible change for our customers who have longer hair however need something other than what’s expected,” says Toni Hernandez, proprietor of Salon 21 in North Carolina.


  • Runner-Up: Reese Witherspoon

“Reese Witherspoon’s mid-length bob is the champ. The cut styles straight and smooth in our dry winters however can without much of a stretch be worn wavy in our hot and hot summers,” says Bridget Brosnan-Boscaccy, beautician at Salon Blonde in Illinois.


  • Runner-Up: Katy Perry

“Katy Perry’s layered, texturized bob with smooth blasts is frequently asked for,” says Jennifer Martin, beautician at Foiled Again Salon in Minnesota.


  • Runner-Up: Nicole Richie

“Hollywood patterns are dependably L.A. patterns, and boho styles with a long bang and delicate, long hair like Nicole Richie’s are extremely well known,” says Stuart Gavert, proprietor of Gavert Atelier in California.


  • Runner-Up: Jessica Alba

“Bangs are a simple approach to dress up a straightforward hairstyle, and hers are exceptionally prevalent €”her fringe can be worn with short, mid-length, or long hair. They run with everything!” says Nicholas Penna Jr., proprietor of Salon Capri in Massachusetts.


  • Runner-Up: Sienna Miller

“Trimmed cuts with an emphasis on the fringe, similar to Sienna Miller’s short hairstyle, are a top choice,” says Martin.


  • Runner-Up: Victoria Beckham
I am addicted to you - Best Hairstyles In United States Of America

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“Victoria Beckham is still a famous superstar decision €”as her style advances, so do our customers who tail it,” says Sherri DeJager, co-proprietor of Hairforce Salon in South Dakota, who includes, “Her bangs are gigantic! Customers that favored the essential bob before are settling on different layer varieties and including side swept bangs.”