Best Dressed Women Of The Week


It is time to sit back and cast our view on all the photos taken this last week and decide on who exactly wore the best outfit. Be it on formal events or idle afternoon walks, celebrities do tend to dress according to the latest fashion, or at least try to do so. Here are some of the most successful combinations from last week.

Demi Lovato walked around Soho, NYC in a lovely green suede dress, camel coat and leopard print pumps. Beauty of this particular combination is in its originality. Rarely would anyone dare to combine olive green and animal print, but Demi took a shot and hit the mark! Camel coat really tied the look together, and she definitely deserves to appear on this list.


Kylie Jenner wore a matching grey skirt and slouchy sweatshirt with yet another camel coat while walking around LA. Newly blonde reality TV star is the second one to prove camel coats are effective in rounding out your look this week.


Nikki Reede rocked a modern hippy look with a wide brim heat, oversized scarf and black boots while talking a stroll around NYC. What we love about her attire is she managed to look hippy without appearing as if she is wearing a costume. Her wide brim heat looks lovely on her , and the skirt she wore gave her a sense of ease when paired with sandals.


Gigi Hadid is definitely one of the coolest celebrities of her generation. She proved that once again while attending a classy Nobu restaurant in NYC dressed in nothing but ripped light jeans, an oversized coat and t-shirt with rapper faces on it. It takes special kind of creativity and confidence to pull that off, and Gigi certainly has it.