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Best Celebrity Power Dressers

Powerful women dress in a way that certainly does showcase their position. If you cast just one quick glance on them you will be astonished by the mere force their radiate with their presence alone. We compiled a list of women whose combinations have that effect most often.



Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is a future Queen that certainly knows how to dress. She looks strong and makes various fashion statements with various combination choices.




When she wore a lovely buttercup-print clothes after delivering Princess Charlotte she proved the world she is a very tough woman, and her love of designers such as Hobbs and her tendency to wear the same outfits multiple times give her a common touch. When she wants she can wear high fashion like a champion too, she particularly like Jonathan Saunders and other British designers.



Victoria Beckham went through two major large phases in her look, a chic pop-star from Spice Girls and trendy, elegant high fashion designers that she is now. She certainly has style, and offers pairs exclusive pieces from designers such as Saint Laurent and Celine with creations of her own design. She absolutely seduced the world with the way she dresses and constantly things of new, creative pieces.



Peng Liyuan is a Chinese folk singer who married China’s president Zi Jinping. In her public life, she performs many roles €“ and the clothes she wear represent those rolls perfectly. When the circumstance calls for glamor and vibrant attires, she delivers with stage costumes of fuchsia and scarlet, a look that made her immensely popular with the Chinese people. When she attends formal matters of the state she tends to dress formal and a bit toned down, and always includes pieces that are representative of Chines culture.