I am addicted to you - Best brow shapes you can easily master 5

Best brow shapes you can easily master


Sephore beauty showcase always is filled with piles of makeup, only the best of beauty founders and experts, incredible fragrances and many overjoyed people! Exceptionally quality content could be seen at Nudestix stand, ran by the founder Jenny Frankel and her daughter Taylor.


Nudestix specializes in converting every single makeup product to pencil form. They feature tints that cover lip liners, lipsticks, cheek colors and many other things. Imagine drawing over your makeup with a primer in order to reduce a shine and the actual primer does not move your makeup at all! Concealers, bronzers, highlighter, and eye colors €“ all in pencil form! One particular product especially had our attention, the double-ended brow designer. With it you will be able to easily master two top brow looks €“ the feathered brow and the bold brow.


Bold brow looks a tad bit thicker, and the look is all about a single straight line. Trick is to side angle your pencil and makes a long line all along the bottom of your brow shape starting from inner corners. Than fill up the beginning until you are happy with the depth.


Natural feathered look is another popular one. To make it optimal you will have to take your natural brow and make it as bushy and unruly as possible. So forget about plucking your brow, or cutting or trimming them completely. After they became a bit bushy use the thin end of your pencil and draw in each stroke, like you are drawing in each brow hair. You will have to start from the bottom inner corner of each brow and work outwards.