I am addicted to you -Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week, Madonna, Alexa Chung And More 11

Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week, Madonna, Alexa Chung And More

From an outside stretch to an unrehearsed frolic through crystal clear waters, the current week’s Best Beauty Instagrams were the stuff of sun-doused dream. Parisienne ballet performer Dorothée Gilbert limbered up with a touch of poolside yoga €”a striking, ivy-coated chateau acting as the perfect setting for the dancer’s fair skin and brunette topknot; in Fiji, Joan Smalls stopped for a minute of model-y reflection in perspective of a palm tree €“freckled shoreline, her conditioned abs and languid posture rousing a healthy cocktail of action and quietness. Constance Jablonski snapped a selfie from on a stair-climbing donkey in the Greek Isles, flaunting exposed shoulders while protecting her complexion with an armed force green cap perched upon a mussed, golden bun. Additionally up for an adventure: Elizabeth von Thurn und Taxis, who spent the day kite surfing off the coast of Morocco, her slicked-back blonde joined by a swipe of blue “war paint” over her nose and cheeks for fighting the waves. Continuously one to challenge the status quo, Madonna remained inside while get ready for her up and coming Rebel Heart tour €”but she wasn’t the only one. A unit of mannequin heads wearing consummately smothered blonde wigs and situated along a line of elaborate throw pillows appeared to be prepared for an aggregate pre-show snooze.