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Best Beauty Instagram Profiles of the Week


Nothing will give you a better surge of inspiration than a quick look at Instagram profiles which belong to the world’s foremost fashionistas. They might give you an idea for an especially attractive combination, or show you an accessories or a piece of clothing you find absolutely irresistible. We are doing a short review of the best Instagram profiles where you’ll certainly find a whole lot of ideas. So let’s begin with the review of the most fun and chic Instagram profiles on the web!



One such Instagram profile belongs to the British movie star Naomi Watts, and is incredibly rich in content and fun to look at. Naomi often shares pictures of her everyday life with friends, family and fans that follow her on Instagram, and proves to be an inspiration in doing so. Check it out for plenty of fashion tips and good old entertainment.



If you start following stylist Tina Leung on this social network, you will get plenty of fashion tips as well as a window to her amazing life. On one of her recent pictures she can be seen enjoying a mint and chocolate ice cream; rainy weather did not seem to bother her one bit. She sported a new haircut too, and it sure does look great!




Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has an Instagram account too, and it is quite trendy. Recently she put out a picture with the popular music star Katy Perry, who supports her in the following elections.



They appeared to be having a lot of fun, and looked amazing while doing so. Both she and Hilary wore matching red colors, with the presidential candidate’s blazer of course being a lot more formal than a head wrap and nose ring that were a part of Katy Perry’s outfit.