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Best Accessories For Spring 2016


Choosing what accessories to wear can take as much time as it does to pick a dress. They are little things, but we all love them. Earrings, bags, bracelets, arm bands €“ they can truly either add a lot to how you look or completely spoil you combination. Even worse, they can be so bland that they remain unnoticed entirely. To be certain your accessories get noticed and praised, we compiled a list of best ones for spring of 2016.


Shoulder dusters, or simply put very large earrings, are very fashionable at the moment. Large round ones with beads colored in white or beige are especially popular. Alexander Wang and Prada both featured them in their collections. So stock up on big and long earrings, come spring you’re going to need them!


When it comes to handbags, go with the ones that have the most vibrant colors and the most intricate patterns. They should be bright and shiny, proper small attention grabbers. Louis Vuitton and Gucci both prepared a wondrous collection of bags that scream wow!, make sure to get one or three and wear it proudly.


Sandals are back in, only this time they should be as clunky and massive as possible. Forget about subtle thin ones, go for thick and chain-trimmed ones! They should have little to no stripes and buckles. Keep it big and keep it simple.


Shoes, on the other hand, should glitter. Every single major fashion designer had their models wear shiny shoes. Either buy some particularly fabulous ones or take your pearls and glitter and start modifying your old shoes.


Hair jewelry is very popular. Crown jewels, tiaras and headbands were a staple of every designer’s show €“ fromHediSlimane’slange-haired grunge style tiaras to Karl Lagerfeld’s heavy metal handbands.