I am addicted to you - Benefits of making your own decisions 1

Benefits of making your own decisions


Let’s face it, when you turn twenty, there is nothing we want more than gripping our own life in our hands and forgetting every bit of curfews and rules parents use to socialize us. That happens because now we become adults, and need to break free and live independently.After you purge the need for rebellion and expressing teenage angst in you twenties, a new need arises, one that tells us we should seek acceptance from our parents.

Depending on our childhood, we could either have full support for our decisions, or question every path we take because somewhere, our strict parents might disapprove. Never the less, we always need to remember, your parents taught you something right. Whenever you make a decision, their opinion should hold some value. Happiness is a hard concept to define. Surely, no matter how much we wanted it than, it serves no one’s interest if your dad sells his car to buy you a pony. However, sometimes in life happiness becomes one with our urge to become independent and a master of our own time. No longer will it depend on someone else giving us resources for pleasure, it will make the acquiring of said resources a goal in itself.

No matter what and how our decisions we make, it is important to know our parents exist and will welcome us back, even if they spend the next several weeks or so indulging themselves in endless stream of critique. Whenever we need them, parent are there, and are bound to be proud of us even if we mess things up and only turn back to them because real life becomes a burden too heavy for us to carry ourselves. After all, helping your own child must be a pleasure non of us will truly feel until having a child of our own.