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Benefits from taking yoga

Tastes differ. The same could be said about yoga. Everybody knows people for whom any information about it seems unbelievable. People don’t want to take yoga lessons saying their bodies are not flexible enough. Bur the truth is that yoga is for everyone. On the basis of advice of two experts, 5 main rules are written in this article to let your inner yogi shine.

  1. Don’t forget to fuel up before and after

Mandy Ingber, author of Yogalosophy and the trainer behind Jennifer Aniston’s toned physique advises to eat a little before a training even if you in a rush after work A good snack may include half of a banana or 10 almonds. Don’t eat junk food! It will be better for you to drink a protein smoothie or a salad with vegetables full of vitamins after training.

  1. Some things for training

Don’t spend too much money on new gym clothes and accessories. Don’t wear clothes too small or even too loose ( as it will prevent you from getting into balance. Sarah Levey suggests to com earlier, nearly 15 minutes before the beginning. You should get rid of stress and prepare for the training.

  1. Concentrate on yourself

Levey pay attention to the fact that it is no matter who you are €“ a beginner or advanced. There are a lot other people around you and you should concentrate only on yourself, don’t pay attention to the person who is training close to you and don’t worry that you are not flexible enough. The only advantage of flexible person is that he can go farther to get the same stretch.

  1. Take fun from training

Have fun and take a break any time you need. An important rule of yogis is to feel comfortable. It is up to you to practice in the back of front row. You shouldn’t feel defeated if some poses and movements are not so good as you wish. This all take time.

  1. Breath

Remember how you breathe. Right breath is a clue to perfect health. Pay attention to the inhale and exhale rhythm. Moreover Ingber advise to take a cup of tea or hot shower afterwards.

Take pleasure from training and feel good.

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