I am addicted to you - Being The Crazy Girl she does what she wants 1

Being The Crazy Girl she does what she wants


We are all a little deranged. Now we might not admit it because we are scared. We try to hide our crazy side and spend hours trying to think of ways to come off as €˜normal’. We spend years with our perfect guy but don’t acknowledge the fact that we might love him, because we just can’t appear like €˜obsessive freaks.’ We don’t cry at parties because we do not want to be labeled as €˜that girl’. But sometimes we do sit down and wonder what it would be like to be €˜that crazy girl’. Just be the way we want to be. We long to tell him our true feelings. We long to cry without being judged.   The crazy girl can live a life of her own rules. She can do what she wants, when she wants.  She doesn’t give a damn about what people will say. Now and again I just hope I could be  that  girl.


She’s honest.

She doesn’t lie because she doesn’t care what people would think of the truth.

She’s spontaneous.

She does everything and anything, everywhere and anywhere. She doesn’t need planning.


She does everything big

She likes to go to the maximums and minimums. Whatever she feels and however she acts is enormous.

She’s bold.

Her confidence amazes me. She isn’t afraid to follow her desires. She isn’t afraid to show her embarrassment.   She is wild. She loves to express her thoughts even if they are contentious.

She’s authentic.

She isn’t an act. She’s genuine. She doesn’t feel the need to impress everybody.   She’s just herself. No drama.

She can get away with anything.

She’s done wild things and she’ll do them again. No one can stop her.


She lets herself be vulnerable.

We cannot appear weak. We are scared of what everyone will say. But not her. Nobody can judge her. If she misses your party, it’s ok. And if she decides to attend, she’s admired.


She is allowed to be selfish.

It’s okay for this girl to be selfish. To think of herself before thinking about others.   She  ignores anyone who tries to stop her.

She doesn’t waste her time by over thinking.

She doesn’t worry. She doesn’t take any tension. She has her thoughts all sorted out. She doesn’t have to stay calm all the time. She lets herself loose. She’s okay even when she’s hyper.


She always wins.

She gets what she wants. She’s happy. She’s the queen of her world and that’s all that matters to her. She’s a winner in this life- even if it means being a little mad.