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Behind The Scenes At Paris Fashion Week


Paris Fashion Week passed and it is now time to take a closer look at some of the combinations that graced the runways of City of Light.

I am addicted To You - Behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week 1

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It seems floral motifs are fashionable everywhere. Many dresses sported colorful and at times cosmic and ethereal flowers on them, and a lot of leather clothing was embroidered with subtle branches or leaves. So natural is the way to go this season, especially if you infuse it with psychedelic, cosmic vibes. Most models wore long elegant cloaks over their floral blouses; usual colors were green, black and beige.

Skirts are another novelty, and they are usually tight and long, at least below the knees. Shoes were usually black and subtle, although we have seen some extravagant footwear in the form of over-the-top heels and platforms. Jewelry was made to fit the elegant cloaks, usually white and big, it was square or round most of the time. Important thing to remember is that it was always simple, no curvy, intricate patterns were allowed with accessories.

Makeup was subtle as well. One new rule about classic red lipstick was made, if you wear it make sure to either brighten or darken it from its usual color. Makeup was minimal in general, and a lot of models used moisturizers and balms to cleanse their faces and truly showcase that natural, no-makeup look. It seems like glamour is replaced with subtle elegance all over the world, and where once we had to be shiny and majestic, now a more quet, honest beauty is much sought after.

Paris Fashion Week is of course a big trendsetter, so make sure to follow this advice and implement elements from it to your everyday clothing in order to stay in loop with top tier trends from fashion world of today.