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Beauty Tips By Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale is a star of Pretty Little Liars and one of the most stylish celebrities of our day and age. She is known for her fierce acting skills; her recognizable sense of fashion and her lovely eyebrows .Lucy sat down with us and gave us a few tips on the topics of beauty and style.



First thing she had to say was one that no doubt lurks in the corner of every woman’s mind, what hair should we war €“ short or long? Lucy says that short hair definitely suits her, but recognizes the benefits of long hair. Still, a sharp haircut wins over the long one, even though you can do stuff like make braids with longer hair only.



One beauty thing she regrets doing is over plucking her eyebrows. With the sudden popularity of strong eyebrows that came with celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Emilia Clarke, she feels like letting them grow a bit is the best thing you can possibly do.



Of all the beauty cosmetic products, she says that she can’t go anywhere without her concealer. Generally, Lucy enjoys being pampered and she loves to take care of her own looks; but hates spending countless hours in the bathroom every morning. So when she lacks time, she just puts on some lip balm, concealer and mascara and doesn’t bother with the rest.



She has a facialist from Beverly Hills that she always go to, and says that only he can do what looks best for her ultra-sensitive skin. Lucy says she is extremely prone to acne and has to take special care of her skin. Because of that she always looked for a perfect facial products and a perfect expert to take care of her skin, and she is happy she found him.