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Beauty Secrets Only Glamorous Women know


We all know a woman who’s always at the top of her game, and brings glamor and elegance to any room she walks in to. What separates her from the others is the sheer commitment she has for looks €“ she will never forget to use toner and she has that signature fragrance that she uses daily. We will present a few tricks every one of them use to achieve that glamorous look, and if you are one of them €“ keep reading, you never know if you’re skipping something in your daily routine.



The way you look is inherently inseparable with the way you live. Did you know that sleeping on silk pillows instead of satin ones will dramatically lessen the numbers of wrinkles on your face? It is true, try it and you will notice the difference in no time!


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Concealers are awesome, but are not all powerful. To ensure the bags from underneath your eyes don’t get too big, make sure to actually get eight hours of sleep every night. That might mean going to bed earlier than you’d like, but it will be worth it in the long run.

When you do wake up, make sure to have at least a cup of antioxidant-rich smoothie for breakfast. Besides being a healthy breakfast option, it will make your skin glow, and perfect skin is a big part of your appearance.


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When you wash your teeth in the morning it is important to both use teeth-whitening tooth paste and floss. Teeth make a good looking smile, and people with pretty smile look amazing!



Moisturize your body with a sophisticated fragrance. If in doubt, do what the world does, borrow from French girls. Lemon and lavender make for perfect smells; you can’t go wrong if you choose either one.