I am addicted to you - BEAUTY , SANS SOUCIS MAKE UP HAUL 5


A week ago the delivery man presented to me a marvelous bundle loaded down with Sans Soucis make-up, of which I demonstrate to you the substance alongside a look in this post. Some of my top picks deserve a different blog post later on in which I will inform all the more about these particular products.

To be reasonable I just knew Sans Soucis from the skincare products, which I adore coincidentally. I utilize the Sans Soucis Deep Moist Depot and Moisture Aqua Benefits on a day by day base. This combination hydrates my skin exceptionally well. Since I’m as of now such a big fan of the Sans Soucis skincare I also was exceptionally inquisitive about the make-up. What’s more, think about what: The make up didn’t disillusion me either!


Sans Soucis is a German brand, built up in 1939 in Baden-Baden. Sans Soucis is the main brand to utilize the warm water from Baden-Baden. This water additionally gets utilized as a part of the make up items, for example, the Perfect Lift Foundation. I truly like this foundation. It’s a medium scope foundation buildable in layers which doesn’t dry out the skin and doesn’t get cakey. Other than that it coordinates my (as of now tanned) skin exceptionally well. I additionally utilized this foundation for the look on the last photograph. I’m additionally extremely positive about the Brightening Make-Up Base. It makes your make-up last more, additionally makes it look more regular since it gives your skin a natural radiance. I discover the lipsticks nice and creamy, not getting dried out and I adore the hues. To wrap things up I’d also like to say something in regards to the Beauty Case which you can load with eyeshadows and/or becomes flushed of your decision, which adhere to the case with a magnet. Since I got this packagae as a present, I didn’t consolidate them myself, however I truly am super happy with the combination. I totally cherish the eyeshadow hues. The color Hot Chocolate and Taupe Noble are hues I would most likely pick myself too. I frequently utilize brown and taupe shades for my day by day looks. I really am exceptionally satisfied with every one of the items, yet the items I simply specified truly stand out. The main item that was somewhat frustrating to me is the Smoothing Eyeshadow Base. I was trusting my eyeshadow wouldn’t wrinkle, however sadly.

I’m extremely fond of the products, however I additionally adored the tasteful black bundling. Like I officially said I will compose particular posts about the items that truly stunned me. Do you as of now have involvement with Sans Soucis make up or did I possibly raise your interest?