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Beauty of Vintage 70s Suede Coats


We are already deep in autumn, and winter is coming soon, which means a significant change in what we wear too. Where summer and spring are perfect for cute little sexy outfits and bright flashy colors, colder season have a lot of opportunities too €“ especially if you like cold and moody, darker tones and layers upon layers of clothes. Our personal favorite piece of autumn and summer clothes are definitely coats. They are just so stylish and sleek, and can be combined with other pieces in a myriad of ways.



Vintage clothing gets a lot of completely deserved praise, the best pieces can be found among the creations our grandfathers and grandmothers wore. They had style back in the day, and so did our mothers and fathers. If we forgive them some over the top hippy attires, there’s a lot of quality content to be found.



Coats were marvelous in the 70s, suede clothes of that era are quite possibly the single coolest piece of clothes you can wear during chilly afternoons. Combined with jeans or your khakis, they’ll make you look super cool. We personally love to see a well-made sweater under a nice long suede vintage coat as it provides it with a warm and cool look that is unique for colder seasons.



So next time you decide to get out and have a cup of coffee or tea during cold days of the fall, make sure to drop by a vintage store in your neighborhood €“ you might find a coat that’s perfect for you, even if you were not even born when it was made. Grab an umbrella, wear a thick sweater and khaki pants in combination with your favorite brown shoes and become the avatar of style.


I am addicted to you - Beauty of Vintage 70s Suede Coats 4

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