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Beauty Of Using Eye Shadow

I am addicted to you -Beauty  12


A major issue I keep running into each time I’m packing for a trip is narrowing down the amount of cosmetics items I can bring with me. The battle is genuine! I’m continually getting new eyeshadow palettes yet I can never bring them with me in BEAUTY  of the fact that

1.) they take up a lot of space, and

2.) I just truly utilize two colors in the 50 piece set. Oh no. In any case, I abhor not having choices to bring with me.



Good news. There’s an answer. I as of late discovered that one of my most loved cosmetics brands Buxom has propelled their new eyeshadow bar giving you a chance to customize your own 6-piece palette.




It all begins with browsing 40 high-pigmented colors that are preliminary imbued, implying that there’s no compelling reason to prepare with a primer. The color will stay put! Buxom made 3 pre-made palettes to browse on the off chance that you are not up to making your own customized palette. I chose to mess around with it and proceed with customizing my own palette!



The hardest part was narrowing it down to 6 of my most loved shades. Before I got lost in all the pretty colors, I imagined what my optimal palette would resemble. Immediately I was attracted to making a Day to Night transition palette to match my way of life. The colors I picked in my palette are 3 light/warm tones for the daytime look and more dramatic silvery hues for the night. Clearly you have the decision to blend and match whatever colors you need, however I incline toward unobtrusive shades amid the day and darker for night. I even included a little pop of purple for those challenging evenings when I need to flavor things up.