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Beauty Makeup Tutorial – Starring Amazing Alexa Chung!

Beauty makeup tutorial – starring amazing Alexa Chung!  The title itself with one of the famous fashion models and TV presenters Alexa Chung is intriguing enough!  So, let’s take a pick into her beauty secrets and “steal” some ideas! As you will see in the video, Alexa Chung prefers her style of makeup. She was always willing to experiment with the different combinations of her outfit, but her makeup is something she wants to be the way she usually does. Her style resembles the sixties and she refers to this makeup style as being flattering to woman’s face, really beautiful.

In this makeup tutorial, we will see how Alexa Chung goes through different steps of putting a makeup on by Lisa Eldridge. You can follow the same steps at home and even experiment with different products so you can pick what’s the best for your face.

The first step is putting the Pinceau Fond the Taint, Alexa used the Chanel brand. For this, you can use the special foundation brush (number 6). After that, for better effect, you can continue with Flat Top Kabuki Brush F80. Later on in makeup tutorial, you can see how you can conceal your eye bags. Alexa Chung uses Laura Mercier – Secret Camouflage.

It is so refreshing that you can see in this makeup tutorial that even fashion models have pimples and they fight against it as every one of us.

For the glamorous look from the sixties, the most important part is putting the right shadows on your eyes to make that fabulous effect. For that purpose, Alexa used the Eyeko – Me & My shadow. For getting “Sixties effect”, they used two different shadow sticks – light grey and chocolate for socket definition. In first, you may get a stronger line, which you can blend with a brush.

The next stage is putting the liquid eyeliner on the eye. You can see in this makeup tutorial video some tips, but basically, you just need to practise your movements! After that, the mascara comes in turn! Alexa Chung used Eyeko brand.

With the liquid liner for brows, as you can see in this makeup tutorial, you can do magic with your brows! This is perfect for women who have weak eyebrows or for those who just want a dramatic look. Brow gel will be a perfect finish.

For chicks, they used “stay blushed” gel, which gave Alexa’s face nice, natural look. It is maybe even better solution than powder blushes. And for the very end of this makeup tutorial, Alexa put the lipstick “nude delight”. The golden rule for makeup is: if you want to express your eyes more, your lips should be with gentle,  brighter colours.

We hope that you liked this makeup tutorial ! Be beautiful, be positive, be you!