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Beauty Ingredients That Can Easily be Found in Your Kitchen- Asian Ideas

  • Rice Milk

Rice milk can be used as a face wash. It helps wash away the toxins and keeps the skin safe from the sun’s rays. Rice milk (two cups) can be added to coconut oil (half a cup) and applied over the body too. The skin retains its glow this way.


  • Soy

Soy can be used in a paste form and applied on the face. Soy contains numerous antioxidants, which keeps the skin healthy. From wrinkle free skin to stronger nails, the paste of soy when applied for ten minutes daily can help with your beauty regime.


  • Coconut Paste

A cup of freshly grated coconut paste can do a lot for your hair and its oil can help the skin. The smell is also very nice. The milk of coconut hydrates the skin and acts as a defensive coating against the damaging UV rays of the sun. The skin also gets clear of dark spots, blemishes and wrinkles.


  • Pumpkin Paste

Pumpkin has an abundance of vitamins, antioxidants and zinc. Pumpkin paste can be used as a scrub, to detox and exfoliate the skin. A cup of pumpkin pieces to which a pinch of turmeric is added, can be used as a de-tan face mask.



  • Tea Bags

Whether it is green tea or black tea, tea bags when left in the freezer and applied on the eye lids each morning, help reduce the puffiness and dark circles. Keep it on the lids for ten minutes, and remove to get a fresh look.