I am addicted to you - Beauty Hacks for Halloween Night 4

Beauty Hacks for Halloween Night


Often times Halloween turns from a fun carefree event into a full time annoyance which requires hours upon hours of tedious efforts to customize our look for the event. If that’s the case with you, you are likely in the market for some practical beauty hacks aimed toward easing the entire ordeal. So, without further ado, we preset Halloween tips that will turn the holiday into what is meant to be €“ a fun time with friends and family, but still keep you looking at your best self.


First and foremost, make a stencil. Some would say making one is a lot harder than simply buying one online or doing your own makeup, but we personally love the feeling of telling someone we made our look ourselves. There is a million and one tutorial out there in the depths of internet about making your own stencils, so choose one and get started on your ultimate Halloween look!


Next, it is time to put some patterns on your face €“ which you can easily make with either lace or fishnet stockings. Of course, every girl has that one pair of fishnet stockings in their wardrobe, and lace is easily purchasable in various stores for an affordable price. So stretch them over whatever part of your body or face you want to paint, and smear makeup on top. Once you take it of, you will have prints all over the area!


Final two steps would be making a do-it-yourself mask out of lace and applying some temporary tattoos! Now, lace is a multipurpose material that comes extremely handy in times such as Halloween or any other event that demands masquerading and costume creation. Just pin the edges under your hair or glue it on your face and you will be good to go. As a final little trinket, do some temporary tattoos! They are always a good idea for Halloween.