beautiful love illustrations

Beautiful love illustrations will melt your heart

Love is the most amazing thing in the world! These beautiful love illustrations will remind you how precious are the moments that we spend with our loved ones. We sometimes forget to cherish all the little things that we share in the relationship and those things are the essence of love! All kisses that we give and receive, all smiles and holding hands, those are the things that matter!

Beautiful love illustrations capture the essence of this wonderful feeling

Guess what? One woman was an inspiration for all these beautiful drawings! South Korean artist Andrew Hou has spent six years drawing these beautiful illustrations to his girlfriend. It started with the drawings that he sent her via SMS but later it became a personal blog, which became very popular due to one of Andrew’s friend who spread the word about the blog. Since then, Andrew gained many followers.

The couple married in 2013, but Andrew continues to illustrate their moments of everyday’s life. And it is true, the magic of love lies in the small things.

Like Andrew portrayed, love is when you do things that you love together. Sometimes you do what he likes and sometimes you do what you like!


Or when you know that you have differences but you love him anyway!


Women sometimes fear that they are not pretty enough when they are home, doing the usual stuff, like brushing teeth or washing the hair. But true love sees the true essence of us, sees only the good. The saying “love is in the eyes of the beholder” is totally true! When someone loves us, we are beautiful every day, no matter if we have a makeup or not, if we are in our best outfit or sweat pants.

When we love someone it is natural that he comes in the first place for us! Love is when you are the priority of your loved one and when you are always there for each other.

And the best part is when you cuddle in the night, feeling loved and feeling safe! The best feeling in the world ever! Falling asleep and knowing that someone you love is right next to you.

We hope that you smiled, at least, a little bit and that you reminded yourself how lucky you are to have that special someone! We wish you to love and be loved because love gives a life the true meaning!