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baroque paper wigs

Baroque paper wigs as astonishing pieces of art

Baroque paper wigs are travelling through time! Have you ever wanted to fly back in time, to this romantic past where all the women and men wore wigs and were dressed in so amazing dresses? I did, for sure.

There is something so intriguing and romantic about this time in history. You can sense the elegance of the royals and nobility and they were always dressed with so much attention and care, even for the smallest details.

Baroque paper wigs of Russian artist – astonishing creations

Russian artist Asya Kozina decided to revive the glory of these old times and to make her high-art out of these beautiful wigs. She was fascinated by the baroque era, by the pure aesthetics for aesthetics sake that these wigs bring upon us! Besides the wigs, this talented artist from Saint Peterburg is also known for her wedding dresses that she also made out of paper.

By preparing her own wedding, she came across the wide variety of wedding dresses from other countries. That was the main inspiration for her “Ethnic wedding dress” installation. In her art, she tried to preserve the dying beauty of the old wedding traditions.

For her baroque paper wigs and other pieces of her art she uses very different techniques such as creasing, folding, cutting and glueing. Quilling and applique are also included sometimes. This work is very demanding, it takes one to two weeks minimum and sometimes months to create one paper sculpture!

While preparing her baroque paper wigs and especially wedding dresses she said that she was having difficulties because the paper is such unique material! The models were not allowed to sit because the paper would crumble and it couldn’t be restored and the shooting took five hours in average!

Take a look at the astonishing work of this artist! Some of the paper sculptures are breathtaking pieces of art!