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Band T-Shirts Outfit Ideas


True fashion icons don’t wear just the most exclusive designer clothes, they often take a seemingly ordinary item and make it chic and cool. Kendall Jenner is one such example, she often wears band t-shirts and incorporates them in her combinations in a way that looks absolutely terrific. Kendall is a quickly rising star in the world of fashion, and inspires the world both on and off the runway. Take a look at some of the ways she taught us to wear band t-shirts and make them look stunning!



If you want to bring a dose of rock’n’roll in your life get a Metallica t shirt and combine it with either washed out jeans or black leather pants. Your shirt should look like it’s slightly worn – the more worn out the shirt look the cooler will your entire combination be.



If you want to veer a bit on the classy side of things and still look pretty edgy, try out a small red dress. Make sure it’s not too long, and don’t be afraid to show a bit of skin. Kendall often wear something similar, and ti goes really well with black sandals too. Wear some accessories too, either one large leather bracelet or a lot of rope ones in different colors.  If you wear a cool band t shirt over the dress, you’ll only add to the cool and chic look the dress itself provides. To really turn the proverbial amp up to the max, get a studded belt and tie it around your dress. The studs are very punk rock, and will look amazing on you.



If it’s cold out, grab a denim jacket and wear it over the shirt. If you feel especially crafty you can customize the jacket with studs and various patches too.