babies dressed up in Super mario costume

Babies Dressed Up As Adorable Characters

We may all agree that one of the cutest things on Earth are babies! When babies are born, a long life relationship begins – the exciting travel of love and carrying and amazing experience of being a parent. And nobody tells you how difficult can all this sometimes be and how many endless nights are ahead of you. No one will tell you that you will sometimes be out of your mind and that the parenting is not an easy task at all!

However, we all know that having babies, these small human beings, are a thrilling experience that brings joy and happiness that you didn’t even now it exists. Through this wonderful journey of growing up, most parents want to memorize some precious moments and to have them forever. We all have these photo albums kept by our mothers with funny photos from our childhood (some of them, quite embarrassing  ).

Of course, we can track the changes in fashion during all these years. And, on some photos, we can get this great desire to ask our mothers: “What were you thinking ??!” I am sure that all they have ever wanted is to do a great job of dressing their babies that ended with hilarious laughter years later. There are certain moms and dads that don’t lack the imagination and enjoy dressing up babies in many adorable, hilarious outfits.

There are endless variations on a theme  people dress babies as adorable characters.  On the pictures below, you can find Super Mario baby, with a cute red hat and blue jeans that make him the most adorable sleeping being in the world. The popular character from the fairytales is certainly Santa, one of the children’s favorites. The popular legend of Santa never fades and it continues to be the inspiration to many generations of kids and parents. With his famous red suit and beard and a bag full of toys, he is an ultimate happiness  for all children. Some parents got the idea to change the roles and instead of having some adult playing the Santa, they dressed up babies in the costume and made a truly unique memory for years to come! Who can resist this cute little thing in the costume of Santa?

There are of course moms and dads that are into the politics but in a fun way! They decided to dress the babies into the costumes of political candidates. Who knows, if we remind ourselves of how it is nice to be just a kid, maybe this world would be a better place, with more humor and joy.

Enjoy these pictures and set your imagination free – we may even see your baby in some cute outfit smiling at us!