wearing leggings outside

5 Awesome Tips For Wearing Leggings Outside The Gym

Ignore your grandma saying you’re not supposed to be wearing leggings outside the gym, or even home. Let’s face it – what on Earth is more comfortable than a soft and stretchy pair of leggings?! If they’re good enough for working out in them, then why not wear them as you run errands and hang out with your friends?

Yes, we know that wearing leggings outside the gym was considered a cardinal fashion sin only a few years ago. But, come on, it’s time to forget the past and turn towards future. Besides, who cares about mean comments coming from hateful fashion ignorants (no, grandma, that does not include you, we know your intentions are good!)?

If wearing leggings outside the gym makes you happy, just go ahead. If you ask us – they’re totally banging.


Follow these 8 stylish rules to look effortlessly cool when wearing leggings outside the gym


1- Matte over shiny

When choosing your perfect pair of leggings to wear when you’re out and about, go for the matte option – the matte fabrics are more versatile and tend to look more sophisticated than shiny materials.

wearing leggings outside



2- Sporty turned boho

Just because they’re sporty, it doesn’t mean you must wear them in a sporty way. Choose pastel colors and boho vests and jewelry to rock a boho chic with your leggings.

wearing leggings outside



3- Sneakers, flats, chunky heels

The truth is – stilettos can make wearing leggings outside the gym kind of trashy. This is why it’s best to stick with the comfortable flats. Besides, who wants to be stumbling in the high heels?

wearing leggings outside



4- Coordinated jacket

Match the color of your leggings with your jacket to make it look like a cool suit.

wearing leggings outside



5- See-through dress

Use your pair of leggings for layering it under some trendy fashion pieces – like a see-through dress.

wearing leggings outside