5 Awesome Spring Headwear Trends You Must Not Overlook

If you have been faithfully following all the 2016 fashion novelties, without paying special attention to spring headwear trends, you’ve got to fix it right now. You may be thinking you and your wardrobe are ready for the warm days, but without including some of the amazing spring headwear trends for this year, you’ll be missing a lot of stylish fun.


Check out the main spring headwear trends guaranteed to update every style


1- Brimmed hats

Brimmed hats with their cool, classic design, are one of the major spring headwear trends this spring. They come in different textures and shades, with the brims wide and narrow, and their tops high and low. For the chicest version of this hat, choose the one with a satin ribbon wrapped around it.

Spring Headwear Trends


2- Bucket hats

Bucket hats this spring are not only reserved for fishermen – they’re an amazing accessory for every trendy urban lady looking to protect her tan from the ultraviolet radiation while looking incomparably chic. The most stunning version of this hat this spring comes in a form of color block patchwork, combining unique samples and all the shades possible for an ultimate and bold fashion statement.

Spring Headwear Trends


3- Baseball caps

Baseball caps, worn both straight and backwards are again among the coolest spring headwear trends. And we can totally see why – the baseball cap is a great item to be matched with elegant spring skirt suits and super trendy metallic chokers.

Spring Headwear Trends


4- French Berets

Lovely french berets are always trendy – whether the weather is chilly or warm and sunny. To rock this awesome beret successfully, combine it with oversized glasses, loose hairstyle, and a cute, demure outfit.

Spring Headwear Trends


5- Straw hats

Spring is the one last station before summer, making it the perfect period for planning your sunny beach holiday. And while picturing yourself lying on the beach, sipping your margarita, can you imagine a better partner in crime than a perfectly functional, ladylike straw hat?

Spring Headwear Trends