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I am addicted to you - Au Naturale Eye Makeup Tips For College Going PYTs – Bat Those Eyelids 1

Au Naturale Eye Makeup Tips For College Going PYTs – Bat Those Eyelids


The new session has started, and it is yet another season for you as well. You’ve deserted the times of braids and tartan skirts and have wandered into college life. college life has its own guidelines and limits to take after, but on the other hand is a window to the real world out there also. Your college rule book may have requested that you not wear ostentatious makeup, but rather we say, you can in any case doll up those lids with our chic eye makeup tips and thoughts.


While academics ought to be your prime concern toward the following three years, which would empower you to make a long-lasting career ahead, who said you can’t have a fabulous time dolling up the way you need? Without breaking the rules (we all do), here are some regular eye makeup tutorial for you to look over. Wear them six days of the week, with your glasses, lenses, lipstick choices and more. make heads turn as well, without a clue of being too loud. Exhibiting chic eye makeup thoughts, even the principal of the college wouldn’t notice!



A Nude Touch

A nude touch to the eyes needn’t be an exhausting affair, not when it is a Monday and the class tests start. Doll up those eyes with a light shade of normal brown (nearest to your skin tone), utilizing a translucent powder sans the shimmer or sparkle. Keep it matte and apply a stroke of eyeliner to the upper lids only! Cherished the natural eye makeup tutorial?


The No Makeup Look

Cleanse tone and moisturize the skin as you would every morning-it takes just ten minutes of your time. Here are the eye makeup tips for this look-Apply foundation around the face, the neck and the forehead, mixing it well into the skin and particularly around the eye zone (be extremely gentle here). Utilize two strokes of dark kohl for the upper lash line and one for the bottom. Utilize a mixing brush to blend them well, and invisible mascara for the twiggy look!


Excellent Chocolates For Daily Wear

Wednesday is practically thumping and since you need to cheer lead the football team, use chocolate tones to the eyes to charm the spectators around. Once the foundation is applied and the mixing is done, apply white shadow to the upper crease of the lids, trailed by one touch of light chocolate brown eye shadow to the lids. Blend with the help of a thick brush and abandon it to that. One stroke of dark kohl for the upper eyelid is sufficient!