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Attract People Attractive

Tinder Tips: How To Finally Attract People Attractive To You

If you feel like you’ve been a magnet for unwanted attention, but just can’t seem to attract people attractive to you, we hear you. We’ve all been there at some point of life. Many of us also downloaded the Tinder app at some time or another because, well, we’re all basically looking for the same things – to love and to be loved.

Many of us have also experienced many bad dates, with Tinder or without it, each of which has tended to rise our frustration and love-related pessimism just a little more. Finally, we’ve all at least once pictured ourselves 20 years from now, in a silent home, legs not shaved (long hair, don’t care) and with a cat in our lap. Not that anything’s wrong with being a single cat lady, however, we don’t quite hate the idea of having the right man by our side either.

Attract People Attractive


Check out our ultimate Tinder guide on how to attract people attractive to you and finally live the experiences you’ve been chasing so long


So, if Tinder is your hoped ‘secret’ key to love and happiness, before logging in, remember that what you give is what you get. More correctly, that is, in the terms of Tinder dating, it’s how you present yourself that you need to focus on if you want to attract and be spotted by the right people. This, of course, goes both for all the possible online love adventures and those in real life.

How to attract people attractive to you and how to finally hunt down all those dreamy experiences you’ve been searching for? Read on, sister! You’re just a couple of scrolls away.


1- Profile photos

First of all, the photo – because who reads the name, anyway? Just by the look at the guy’s picture it should be easy for you to tell if you guys would be able to establish chemistry or it would all stay platonic. In short, is it just a pure action of a natural cause you’re looking for, or a bae you’d want to show off on Facebook?

Same goes for you. Your profile photo is the key to everything. It should be a recent photo of you that preferably also manages to capture both your personality and values you stand for. Since you only get to choose 6 profile photos, make sure you choose them wisely. Try to include all the most important things you enjoy in life or those you’d like to do with your partner, for example, you can put some traveling photos, those of you reading, enjoying dive bars, or whatever makes you happy.

Attract People Attractive


2- Name

It is always a good idea to use your legal name or the substitute everyone knows you by. No one likes to find out that their crush has been lying about their real name somewhere in the process. That’s the formula for the things to get weird, and no one wants that.

Attract People Attractive


3- Age

It’s that simple, really – don’t lie about your age. While we totally understand why many of you would do so – to make sure you don’t get filtered for your age, the mere fact of faking is giving you a start off on a bad foot. Isn’t the whole point to attract people attractive to you? Those who would be willing to write you off simply because of your age, are simply not worth chasing.

Attract People Attractive


Doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do, right? So, do what we have suggested and you are on a good way to attract the right person. People have no idea how stupid actually is to do anything else than be yourself. Lots of people make fake profiles, with not only a fake photo but with everything else like age, occupation, place of living, even a gender. And when they finally find the right person, they are in deep trouble, because now how to get out of this huge lie? At the end such persons end up being rejected and alone again. Well, it is not surprising because saying so many lies doesn’t attract no one. So, simply be yourself. Make an attractive profile with a great photo and true details about you and your life. Of course, don’t share too many details. You have to be careful. If you follow all these suggestions, you are on the best way to attract people attractive to you. Good luck!