Wedding pavilion in Maldives

Astonishing Wedding Pavilion in Maldives

Every girl’ s dream is to have a perfect wedding!  Since we are little girls, we imagine this wedding pavilion and how our wedding is going to be: romantic flowers all over the place, beautiful decorations on the tables, wedding dress of our dreams and, of course, the love of our lives! His hand ready to take your hand and his eyes shining upon you with love and grace…

Yes, we all had these dreams! And now, in Maldives, which for many years was one of the most prestigious spots to get married, they built this astonishing overwater wedding pavilion with glass aisle! It was built in the classy,  luxurious Four Seasons‘ Landaa Giraavaru resort and it is built on stilts. You can only use the boat to approach this magnificent wedding pavilion which offers 16 seats.

What is truly amazing about this place is wonderful glass aisle which is located over the water where you can see the turtles, the resort’ s beautiful  treasure. This wedding pavilion is truly something unique on the market!

Maldives consist of more than 1000 coral islands and it has several ecosystems with thousands of species of fish, five species of sea turtles, twenty species of whales and dolphins and almost 190 species of corals.


Nature was very generous to Maldives, with an amazing flora and fauna underwater as well as the incredible land that is formed into 26 attols  that consist of dual island chains. The water is crystal clear, with an amazing color that goes from azure, bright blue to the amazing green.So, imagine that your wedding pavilion is on this place and anywhere you look there is an endless treasure of natural beauty – crystal sea, sand,  birds and beneath you, astonishing coral reefs! Like, you are in a paradise!

images Underwater-Photography-Contest-2012-11

So, the main idea of this over water wedding pavilion with glass  aisle was to design a mixture of beauty created by man with the amazing nature of these islands and resort itself. “Love and beauty” can be the motto of this wonderful place. If you choose this place to be your ideal wedding pavilion from your dreams, you will certainly have a wedding to remember! For all those future, brides to be, who plan to say “yes” on this beautiful place, we can say: “Let your love be strong and beautiful as the ocean”.

Look at the amazing photos of this wedding pavilion in the gallery!  I am sure that this wedding pavilion will be the place of your dreams!