I am addicted to you - Ashley Tisdale Loves Strawberry Bronde Hair 5

Ashley Tisdale Loves Strawberry Bronde Hair


You most likely know Ashley Tisdale as a blonde and dependably have, yet around a month prior, she did something €‹a little radical. Well, two things. One, she took out her extensions, and two, she went bronde.


“My hair tends to go warm and it’s truly a procedure to keep it blonde,” she told Cosmopolitan.com at the LC Lauren Conrad Runway show in New York on Wednesday. “I’ve never done this color, and for fall, I was simply enlivened. I was similar to, ‘We should do strawberry bronde!'”


It additionally resembled the new rose-gold iPhone, or possibly a different pink-shaded most loved thing of all ladies all over the place. “You know, I’m simply getting into rosé and I swear I took it to an entire other level,” Ashley said. “I’m similar to, rosé throughout the day.”


Ashley’s hairdresser Kristin Ess (who also oversees Lauren Conrad’s mane and co-founded The Beauty Department) cautioned Ashley that once she went red, she may need to go … redder. “You certainly have another habit,” Ashley said. “I’m similar to, ‘It’s faded!’ Kristin’s similar to, ‘You have to slow down.'”

Here’s a glance at Ashley’s rosé hair evolution, in her own photographs: