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Ashley Graham inspires bigger sized women!

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Ashley Graham inspires women all around the world that are not so perfectly looking ones. And that is what she is saying, no one is perfect!

This model is famous by her curvy body and she loves everything about herself. She is not ashamed to show off. And we are supporting her. Her positivity and attitude are responsible for her being so famous after all.

For way too long women were concerned about their bodies and look and all because of media. The media is the one that constantly forcing perfection with all those beautiful and famous women. But what many don’t know that there are many experts working on their look and when the lights go down, they are the same as any other women. Some even look much worse, especially without makeup.

The only difference? Some are skinny and some are curvy, like our Ashley.

And today we are here to support all the curvy women out there along with Ashley.

If you are among those who are worried about their weight just make sure you read what Ashley says. It is the right moment for you to stop watching TV and read all these magazines that are exposing “perfection”. Stand in front of the mirror and value what you see and who you are. First of all you have to do that and you have to love yourself. Only then you can love others.

Remember, we all are individuals and each one of us is beautiful in its own way. Let Ashley Graham inspires you too. When you feel depressed just take her example and look at her. You will feel better. Forget about everything else you see. 90% is fake anyway. You just need to accept this.

So, from today on, you are beautiful no matter how you look, ok?