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Are you ready for the greatest love of your life – a dog

Anyone who  has a dog will tell you one thing: it is a huge, enormous love! You will not believe how much you are gonna love that furry ball with wagging tail, waiting at your door.

You’ll have a best friend wrapped in a smaller package! He will never betray you and he will love you with all his heart. However, you have to be aware that having a dog is a huge commitment. It takes a lot more than just feeding him and taking him out. So, asking yourself a few question before the final decision is crucial.

Things to think about  when deciding to get a dog


1. Time and again, time

You should really ask yourself if you have a time for a dog. Yes, you are all excited right now and prepared to take him right away, but a puppy is not a toy. Time is especially important if you live alone. That means that the dog will be alone most of the day and , as for an every living being, loneliness will not be good for your puppy.

2. Can you afford your little friend?

Although, on the first glance, it doesn’t seem that much, owing a dog can be quite expensive. All those vet visits, food, toys, collars, grooming can be really costly.

Unfortunately, if you decide to take a shelter dog, like I did, you will never know how many health problems your dog will face. So, you’ll maybe need to have more visits to the vet than usual and of course pay more.

3. Are you ready for a commitment?

A puppy  is not a toy, it is a living being full of love and joy. The life span of your little friend  range from 7 up to 20 years, so we are talking about long term commitment. However, it is a commitment that will change your life forever! It is a happy responsibility and a joyful duty.

4. Will the people around you be happy with your decision to take a dog?

Dogs can give us a lot of happiness. You will see how just touching that wet snout and looking at these faithful eyes can make you feel happy and calm. However, you must consider how your boyfriend or a girlfriend or other members of your family would react to the idea of having a dog around.

Now, when you answered these important questions, there is one left: are you ready to meet the greatest love of your life?