I am addicted to you - Are you a hair dye addict Here are 6 things only you will understand then! 4

Are you a hair dye addict? Here are 6 things only you will understand then!



People only see the outcome. They don’t know the struggle of dying hair and maintaining them in the same shade. Serious work is required which is a whole process comprising of weekly dye jobs, entertaining in-between shades when your color starts to lighten, an acceptance that all your shirt collars will be forever dyed and an on-and-off relationship with your local hair care provider. I hail all those who know effort of living with split-ends and colorful-haired combs and brushes. Here are 6 things only you and your hair dye addict friends can understand:

  1. All those white pillowcases are now a shade of your hair color.

Brown, purple or just plain orange- No, that’s not your hair color. That is a shade of the colour you dyed your hair this week. The colour we are talking about is the one left on your pillowcase. Yes and it is permanently stained and you can do nothing about it.

  1. Have a love-hate relationship with the rain? We are not surprised.

You might want to love the rain but your hair force you to hate it. Your hair color and rain are basically enemies. The rain melts your hair colour right off your head and that tends to destroy your beautiful dress.

  1. You get unnecessary attention from kids.

From the grocery store to the doctor’s clinic, you are bound to find kids staring at you, mesmerized by your hair color. Babies are spellbound by the bright color they’ve only seen on your head. All you can do is smile at them or make a funny face.

  1. To old people your hair color is just a waste of money.

People judge us for our looks every day. So when that look is changed on a monthly basis and something unusual is added to it, they do not take it well.   But don’t let that nonsense bother you and keep looking fab.

  1. The prices for full-color dye jobs bring tears to your eyes.

One word: Expensive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The only way to go is DIY dyeing. Just be sure you are well prepared before starting.

  1. Hot water hair washes.

All you hair dye addicts must know that washing your hair in hot water leads to losing your lively color. We’re obliged into a life of cold shampooing and waiting for our hair to be done.   On the other hand, nothing’s better than washing your hair on the maximum temperature on days you know you’ll be dyeing. It’s these little joys which keep us going.