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Are You a Fall Bride Here Are Some Useful Skin Prep Techniques

Fall weddings have the advantage of enjoying a pleasant weather. However, such weather brings with it some pretty challenging skin moments. As the humidity decreases, the procedure of getting your perfect moisturizer ratio gets complicated, and your beauty care routines need to be adjusted. To help you get through, we approached an expert facialist and dermatologist so that you can be picture perfect for your big day.

€œLeading up to the special day can be stressful, € says New York facialist Georgia Louise Vassanelli. According to her, the best way to tackle anxiety related skin issues is setting up monthly facial visits for up to six months in before the wedding date. Appointments should consist of light peels and wide-ranging maintenance techniques to keep your skin sparkling and fresh, especially during cooler days when dryness can be a problem. You can also do at-home peels and facial massages, if going out is a problem. These can be done every two weeks for best results.

Manhattan dermatologist, Francesca Fusco, agrees that you should start early when it comes to your skin. She says, €œMornings should include a skin type €“specific cleanser, brightening moisturizer, and serum € that focuses on skin problems you are most concerned about. For the evenings she suggests, €œPolishing with a gentle grainy cleanser, followed by an antioxidant serum or retinol and a hydrating moisturizer. € On the weekends, paper your skin with skin masks.

Both women are insistent that opting for creamier cleansers and hydrating serums is a necessity when the weather turns cooler. If you can, €œschedule a hydro facial that will help nourish the skin with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, € says Vassanelli. Also, €œUse products that contain vitamin C, such as Medik8, to brighten the skin. €

And Vassanelli suggests that on the eve of the big event, sleep with a mask. Her recommendation: Crème Masque Vernix by Biologique Recherche, so that your skin is as fresh and soft as a baby’s.