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Anti Frizz Tips For Your Hair Life

Anti Frizz Tips For Your Hair Life

Frizzy mess caused by Summer heat, humidity or salt water is a problem to a woman that wants a perfection from her hair.

So, to anti frizz  that We chatted with two super-knowledgeable hair experts, Amoy Pitters of Amoy Couture Hair, and Misti Dort, stylist at Atlanta’s Salon Red for tips on how to battling frizz, dryness and other hair problems during summer.


For straight hair

If you have straight hair and you want to anti frizz it, try preemptively injecting some volume with loose waves, advises Dort. She recommends working in product into your hair while it’s still wet, using products that add texture and have a little hold, like a mousse or surf spray. Then, let your hair dry. €œOnce it dries, go in with a curling iron either a cone-shaped wand or just the barrel of a regular curling iron to give yourself a couple more defined pieces, € she says. Lightly spritz with a medium-hold hairspray ( €œanything heavier will deflate hair through the day €.


For curly hair

I am addicted to you - Anti Frizz Tips For Your Hair Life

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Curly hair also have problem when dealing with heat and humidity. €œIn that situation, you’ll want to use two different products to address the roots in a different way than you would the rest, € Dort says. She recommends spritzing roots with a little salt spray. Then as you work your way down to your ends, €œuse a hairspray that adds texture but has emollients, so that it conditions the hair, € she says. You’ll get that perfectly lived-in look without the dry, dull strands.


For natural hair

I am addicted to you - Anti Frizz Tips For Your Hair Life

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Naomi Campbell gives advice for woman with natural hairto deal with frizz during summer.   €œExposing styled hair to a hot, humid environment causes the hair’s physical side bonds [read: the chemical bonds that hair is made out of] to break, allowing the hair strands to return to its natural state, € she says. €œNaturally curly hair that has been ironed will begin to frizz and slide back into its curly state. € The best way to deal? Keep hair hydrated, avoid extended exposure to the sun, and stay away from using excessive styling products. Some products, however, do help seal the hair shaft to make the hair more resistant to weather’s effects, so look for a humidity-blocking styling cream or oil to prevent frizz.