I am addicted to you - Anna Kendrick Live-Tweets From Her Messy Closet 5

Anna Kendrick Live-Tweets From Her Messy Closet

I’m going to drop a widespread life truth bomb on you: Everyone has a huge amount of ridiculous crap in their closet that they can’t stand to part with. We all do this. I have a neon green lace headband which has the words “Party Girl” sewn into it in pink sequins. I have never and will never wear it. You will motivate me to discard it when you up pry it from my cold dead hand.



Anna Kendrick is much the same as me and the greater part of whatever is left of us, as well. On Friday night when she could have been out doing something fun (like, gracious you know, being a movie star), she picked to spend the evening cleaning out her personal business. Get the popcorn gifs prepared.