I am addicted To You - Angelina Jolie is preparing a personal project with Brad

Angelina Jolie is preparing a personal project with Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Pitt is a world known top tier actress who is also known as a philanthropist and auteur. Next month will be an exciting one for the couple since they will appear together in By the Sea, a movie she wrote. It will be the first time they appear together on the big screen since Mr. and Mrs. Smith.



She said directing the movie was a true pleasure, and then made a joke that the actress was slightly unstable and the writer deeply confused. She is all three, of course. The movie put her in a position where she is directing herself and her husband who play a married couple in a movie too. By the Sea is supposed to be an melancholic exploration of grief and love. Their mutual appearance is the only thing this movie has with Mr. and Mrs. Smith since By the Sea is much more serious than aforementioned comedy.



This movie, Jolie says, is the only film she ever did that is completely based on her mind. She wore skinny pants and a short-sleeved silk blouse to the interview at Sunset Tower Hotel. As she often does, she did not use any makeup, which in our opinion only put forward her natural beauty.



The new movie came from her personal tragic experience of her mother Marcheline Bertrand departing from this world due to cancer. She wanted to explore bereavement and different people’s reaction to it. Entire movie plays out in the 70’s, when her mother was in her 20’s and began pretty simple €“ with a husband and wife. Since then movie features strong motifs of loss and pain, and is a truly strong piece of art that is bound to wake only the deepest emotions in viewers.