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An old friend

It’s generally great to get together with An old friend ( Or With Old Friends ). This week I did only that, as I finally got together with Virgit (a.k.a. Preppy Fashionist) once more. She’s not even my oldest friend, yet with a few individuals you simply connect so well, that it feels like you’ve been friends for a long time. I haven’t seen her for right around 1 year as she invested some away energy in her birth country Ecuador. It was unimaginably great to see her, her bubbly identity dependably perks me up. Unfortunately I need to miss her again as she’s moving to the UK. To be completely forthright I feel a slight bit sorry for myself, I generally get to be friends with people that live or move to another country. Gracious well, that gives me another motivation to go, on the off chance that I required that ;- ). I’m wishing my sweet friend all the fortunes on the planet and I’m super cheerful I got the opportunity to shoot some outfit pictures with her. She is one of my fave blog picture takers, so I’m trusting you’ll enjoy today’s post!


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