I am addicted to you - An Ode to Great Dane Freja Beha Erichsen, The O.G. of Model Off Duty Street Style 4

An Ode to Great Dane Freja Beha Erichsen, The O.G. of Model Off Duty Street Style

Despite the fact that the walkways of Copenhagen Fashion Week and its different worldwide iterations may be loaded with over-the-top and for-the-cameras-just outré street style looks, keeping in mind models like Hanne Gaby, Gigi, Kendall, and Binx have since a long time ago benefited from their quite lensed, asphalt-stomping ensembles, no one verges on the stir which once encompassed the The O.G. of Model Off Duty Street Style  : Freja Beha Erichsen. Back in the mid-2000s, everybody needed to be the lanky model hailing from Roskilde, Denmark, from her shag of tousled wisps to her very much earned demeanor of insouciance: The model blasted crosswise over style gatherings, advertisement crusades, and websites alike. Her cooler-than-thou capacity to make airy tank tops and tore pants look both totally deliberate and absolutely optimistic was addictive to take a gander at. Erichsen never appeared to attempt €”and she never needed to: Everything became alright, more often than not freely. Precise in her balance, her style notoriety accompanied her own image of slouchy-chic tomboy, running from punkish (a straightforward oversize white T-shirt, since a long time ago limbed dark thin pants, and some substantial obligation footwear) to a cooled off tackle summer-in-the-city, obligingness of denim shorts, thick-soled boots, and an armed force green tee €”dependably sans bra, areola puncturing apparent, if not so much akimbo. “Freja” turned into a clarification for everything from why a man was cutting bangs to why they were purchasing biker boots. She still may be.



Indeed, even right around 10 years after the fact, Erichsen’s devil-may-care talent for a certain tomboyish claim hasn’t transformed €”it’s quite recently gotten more gamine. She may have been less present on the runway, and additionally the encompassing streets, for a couple of years, yet her look is still unmistakable €”and she doesn’t have to wear something dramatic to demonstrate it. Her skater-hoodie days appear to have gone, with the model picking of late for busted shirts tucked into a couple of low-slung jeans, however her head-to-toe black uniform (as caught outside the Louis Vuitton fall 2015 show) still looks as good as can be expected, even with longer locks and a button-up in lieu of a loose tank topped off with a since quite a while ago customized coat. Have confidence, style bloggers! Growing up looks great on her, as well.