I am addicted to you - Amy Schumer had a lot to say about Kardashians during SNL 1

Amy Schumer had a lot to say about Kardashians during SNL


Comedian Amy Schumer graced the stage of Saturday Night Live this week, and delivered a thoroughly enjoyable monologue. It taps on the Kardashians, Hilary Clinton and creatively explains which Sex and the City character she most relates to. As we already used from Amy, it is hilarious and slightly quirky, making it a perfect example of her humorous style. Entire monologue is easy to find on Youtube.


She remarked on the culture of plastic surgery in the world today by saying how children have Kardashians as role models, a €œwhole family of women who take their faces as a light suggestion €.  Chloe Kardashian, according to Amy, was €œone of us € €“ a woman every non-perfect lucking gal could relate to. But then she lost half her body weight €“ or €œshe lost a Kendall € as Schumer would put it, and now we have nothing. She then proceeded to explain her unique bathing rituals, with special focus on her private areas and the difference between washing them while you are single and washing when you have a boyfriend or a hookup. Among the comedic pears of the evening was her uncomfortable meetup with actor Bradley Cooper who she described as a kind of guy who is so hot that upon meeting him, you just automatically grab your ankles in an instant. They proceeded to talk with Amy being confused as to why he is still talking to her, but as he continued Amy naturally changed her Facebook relationship to engaged! Because these are fast times, says Amy, and a bit of talk is never without its significance.

All in all you should definitely look up her monologue as it is filled with funny lines to the top, and will make you burst out laughing.