I am addicted to you - Amelie Pichard's Fall 2015 Accessories Campaign Exclusive 12

Amelie Pichard Fall 2015 Collection

Amelie Pichard Fall 2015 Collection

Incredible garments ought to recount a story, however French fashioner Amélie Pichard takes the idea to another level with her subversive, ladylike extras. “My inventive procedure spins around clichés and ‘raw mantic’ stories in the middle of gents and ladies,” she told Style.com. For Fall ’15, the story went a touch of something like this: A skirt-pursuing Formula 1 driver à la James Hunt is caught in an affection triangle between his wife, a Scandinavian wonder from the ’70s “who holds control of the chronometer,” and his special lady, a Californian banner young lady. “The dream of Amélie Pichard is a blend of these clashing characters,” she clarified.

Being the distinctive storyteller she is, Pichard places extraordinary accentuation on her campaigns. Her demonstrates are normally exposed, posturing deliberately with her splendidly shaded sacks and shoes. “I like things plain and strong,” Pichard said, taking note of that styling frequently eclipses her message. “I adore playing with clichés, for example, the picture of externalized ladies passed on with a certain machismo that I’m [making] fun of,” she included. “My shoes reflect this disagreement by offering agreeable [styles] with new, atypical and hazardous materials €”qualities men fantasize about.”



This all gets deciphered into her outlines through unforeseen fabrics and hues, similar to rose sheep hide with a “carpet impact” or emblazoned leather that impersonates a lavatory wipe. This season, the subject was “Fire,” so Pichard reconsidered an excellent genteel sack with red and dark vinyl flame designs that felt ambiguously reminiscent of the ’80s. “My universe dependably brushes past terrible taste, however it never really goes there,” she noted of her out-there motivations. Somewhere else, sacks were secured with shifting pieces of sparkle, patent leather, and nubby shearling, while elastic slipper heels and stout brogues highlighted two-tone artificial python.


Navigate the slideshow, above, for an elite first take a gander at the new pieces and campaign pictures.