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Amazing wedding ceremonies

5 Amazing wedding ceremony ideas that will symbolize your love

The special day has come and you want something unique and different, something deep and meaningful! We prepared amazing wedding ceremony ideas for a wedding that will be remembered for a long, long time!

A wedding is a ceremony that unites two people. It is a symbol of love and commitment and a promise that two will stay together, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health! These  great wedding ceremony ideas  will symbolize the eternal love and commitment!

Amazing wedding ceremony ideas – the symbols of eternal love


1. Release a sky lantern

Lighting a candle in the wedding symbolizes the unity of the newly wedded couple and their decision to be together and to love each other! But why not trying something different? Instead of a candle, you can light a sky lantern! Your whole family and friends can also release the sky lanterns as a symbol of their faith in your love and your commitment to one another!

2. Make the hourglass together

This ritual is really meaningful and it has powerful message! You can use the hourglass and  each of you should pour a portion of colored sand in it. By mixing the two colors, you symbolize that you are inseparable with one another, just like you cannot separate the two colors of sand, once you mixed them.

It also symbolizes that time that two people have inevitably runs out!

3. Throw rainbow sprinkles instead of rice

This is such a  cool  and fun idea! If throwing rice is a bit cliche for you, you can use rainbow sprinkles! It will be so much fun and the kids will absolutely love it!

4. Artistic bouquet

The great idea would be to make a truly unique bouquet! The flowers can be made of paper from the poetry books with the bride’s and groom’s favorite poems. This unique bouquet will be a precious gift if the bride decides to toss  it to the girls on the wedding.

5. Lock your love

You can use locks and keys as symbols of locking your love forever. If you have an outdoor wedding somewhere near the water, you can throw the keys into the water as a symbol that your love will last forever!

We hope that we gave you some useful ideas and that you will have an amazing, unique wedding!