Your Rainbow Hair

Amazing Underlights – Show Your Rainbow Hair Only When You Want To!

Rainbow hair just got a major update! Requiring no superpowers at all, you will now be able to hide your rainbow hair whenever your pain-in-the-ass boss is around or when your rainbow hair doesn’t really fit into your daily outfit or mood.

You have no idea what we are talking about, right? That’s totally fine.

Remember those super cool rainbow hairstyles? That everyone’s been crazy about since last year, but only a few souls were brave enough to get it? Well, now you can have your rainbow hair too, and no one even needs to know about it.

Thanks to the magic of this amazing new trend – rainbow underlights, now even us, curious cats afraid of experimenting with hair and unnatural hair colors, may pick enough courage to carry a rainbow on our head. Underlights let you have your rainbow hair by hiding the bold, fierce shades under the guise of a more natural hair color. And the results are simply stunning!

The secret life of your rainbow hair

The whole process is quite easy. The underlights are made by selecting the underside of your hair and then bleaching it or dying into funky combinations of tones while leaving the top section of your hair untouched or using a more subtle shade on it. To get your rainbow hair, your hair doesn’t even need to be long – this technique is perfectly easily done on shorter hairstyles as well.

For the most magical, breathtaking results, we recommend you trying out different styles on your rainbow hair – it looks extremely cute put into a bun or braided.

These secret rainbow hairstyles are totally worth trying. Just imagine looking completely ordinary one moment and then turning into a punk queen just by putting your hair into a bun or running fingers through your locks. In case you’re not convinced yet, check out these amazing rainbows.