amazing stones

Amazing stones that can heal you

I am sure that you have already heard about the amazing stones and their ability to heal your organism and attract positive energy. Besides the fact that these stones are really beautiful and frequently find their place as parts of jewelry, many people claim that they actually have healing powers.

Many of these stones were known for centuries in the ancient cultures, long before the modern medicine was even practiced. The ancient people used them as healing stones for different ailments.

Amazing stones can be used for different things, from increasing energy levels to fighting a depression

Many stones have different healing powers, some of them are known to have more than just one.

1. Amber

amazing stones

This beautiful yellow stone is used to balance emotions and to clear all the negative energy that accumulates in the body. Nervousness and tension can also be removed with amber. If you cannot sleep well at night or you have a problem with falling asleep, maybe you should look for this stone. Amber calms down the energy and helps us to relax at night.


2. Aquamarine

amazing stones

The very name of this beautiful stone stems from the Latin word “aqua” and it is believed that it protects sailors. This stone also calms the one who wears it and has the ability to diminish fears and concerns!

This gemstone represents the color of the sky and it is a symbol of eternal life and health, fidelity, hope and youth as well. People also believe that this stone have a soothing influence on married couples.

Ancient Romans believed that this stone had healing abilities and that it could cure throat, liver and stomach problems while fortune tellers used it as a magic mirror for predicting someone’s future.

Aquamarine was used through the history as an eyeglass and some historians believe that Roman Emperor Nero   used it as an eyeglass. There is an interesting fact about this emperor: some historical data state that he was the one who set the ancient Rome on fire, but that was never proved.


3. Fluorite

amazing stones

This amazing stone has the ability to help you get rid of all the negative energy that makes you feel fatigued. It is also in the close connection with spiritual and psychic wholeness and development, it protects and brings peace to the person who wears it. It is believed that this stone protects our psychic shield from all the negative vibrations outside. It clears energy fields and can cleanse our aura.


4. Amethyst

amazing stones

Incredible amethyst is used for healing the grief and bringing back lost happiness. It is used for calming emotions and bringing inner peace and patience.

I hope that you find something for yourself in this list of amazing stones! Try their healing powers or just find some gorgeous jewelry with these adorable stones!