Spring Hair Looks

6 Amazing Spring Hair Looks To Revive Your Style

If your hair still carries some winter boredom in it, take a look at these spring hair looks that will help you get rid of the dull elastic bands, lifeless bangs, and the general lack of shape in your hair.

Check out the cutest spring hair looks ideas recommended by celeb stylists and get inspired to ditch the band and sprinkle some freshness onto your locks.


Try one of these spring hair looks for an easy yet stylish hair makeover


1- Half-up

The new half-up is both a hair updo and a free-flow bedhead. It is a super easy, yet very fun way to style your hair for a day out or a night in the club. The half-up is also an awesome alternative for keeping your hair off the face.

Spring Hair Looks



2- Halo braid

Since we just can’t seem to get enough of lovely braided hairstyles, we’re feeling particularly lucky to notice that they aren’t going anywhere this season either – if the spring 2016 fashion shows are to serve as any indication. Hello, halo braids – we’re looking at you. Halo braid is a fun, chic and flirty way to style your locks this spring.

Spring Hair Looks



3- Chill waves

If you’re looking for a stylish way to beautify your locks, that won’t look like a bedhead or a bunch of messy beachy waves, chill waves are your perfect solution. They are simple, polished, effortless, and timeless.

Spring Hair Looks



4- Super sleek ponytail

The impeccably sleek ponytail manages to do the impossible – turn one of the most boring hairstyles into a super chic way to style your disobedient hair.

Spring Hair Looks



5- Tuck back

Tucking your hair back is one of the trendiest spring hair looks this year. All you’re going to need for this cool hairstyle is a paddle brush, some pomade, and flatiron.

Spring Hair Looks



6- Fringes

There’s no hair update as quick and effective as bangs. This two-minute makeover is guaranteed to alter your hairstyle and completely change the way you look.

Spring Hair Looks