I am addicted to you - Amazing Negative Space Nails Art Tutorial 7

Amazing Negative Space Nails Art Tutorial

1. If you adore chic striped examples, this rich nail trim is for you! I adore that this nautical style isn’t only the ordinary white, red, and blue shades.


2. his vivid, geometric negative space mani should be possible in any shading blend and is ideal for a special event.


3. Love flower nail art? There’s most likely you’ll get positive criticism from this flawless fresh outline.


4. The inclination stripes of this nail configuration looks awesome in any shade, so you can never turn out badly!


5. This celebration ready manicure with lovely pastels is amazingly simple and will supplement your spring and summer looks.


6. This mod Nails Art Tutorial components contrasting black and white colors with confused geometric shapes that include a fascinating twist for the current fashionista!


7. This restless twist on rocking metallics is ensured to stop enamel partners right in their tracks!