real love

Amazing illustrations show us what real love looks like

What is real love? The question old as the civilization itself! Many poets, artists and writers tried to give the answer through history, but the true nature of love remains undefined. It remains as one of the greatest mystery of human kind and one of the greatest forces in life!

It is a motivating strength and an incredible inspiration for every moment and every breath. It is a feeling that give us strength to overcome the biggest obstacles in life and to find the true meaning and purpose.

These beautiful illustrations will remind us what real love is

When we think of real love, many people imagine some glamorous, romantic scene with lots of dramatic moments. Korean artist Puung decided to show us that the love is in the small things. Take a look and remind yourself of all the butterflies that you had, when you fell in love with your loved one:

1. Love is when he is comforting you

real love illustrations

Remember all those moments when you were feeling sad and his arms were there to protect you from all the bad things? Real love is in small details that we often forget to notice. And these moments should be cherished, because real love is just that!

2. Love is when you care for each other

real love

Sometimes a blanket is a symbol how much someone cares for you and how much someone loves you! Real love is when he cares whether you are cold and if you are tired after a long work day!

3. Love is when you get a surprise hug and a kiss

real love

Is there anything more heart warming than when you get a surprise hug and a kiss? When someone you love reminds you how much he missed you or just kisses you without a reason, just because he loves you so much!

4. Love is when he knows how hard you work and he makes you a cup of coffee

real love

We have to admit, this was heart melting! Sometimes, in our busy, busy days, and our constant running around chasing better life, more money, another job, we forget the beauty of love and the beauty of life! We forget how lucky we are by having that special someone by our side.

Remember to cherish all that precious moments and to enjoy in them, because that’s what life is all about!