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Amazing ideas for your kid braids will be perfect for school

This is a story of Shelley Gifford and her daughter from Melbourne, Australia. This loving mom has an interesting passion: kid braids! She was always interested in braids, even when she was young. She loved doing braids for her family and friends, although back then, she only knew how to do a French and a Dutch braid.

Later on, when she was already mom to her Grace, in 2014, she discovered the whole “braids world” on the Internet. She found that there were sites devoted solely to moms and their braid creations for their daughters with tips and tricks and even the whole tutorials how to make the best braids.

She fell in love with this style and started to learn passionately everything she could possibly find about braids. She opened Facebook and Instagram braiding accounts and started following other accounts, asking questions and watching video tutorials for kid braids. This devoted mom attended even various workshops for braiding because, as she said, she wanted to learn something unique.

And the best model for Shelley is, of course, her daughter Grace!

Devoted mom makes the best kid braids for her daughter Grace every morning

Shelley says that she loves the mornings when the whole family gathers and when she makes the braids to her daughter Grace. It is a moment when they are all together before the hectic day starts.

Grace became known in the city as a girl with interesting braids. Her mom tries every morning to make something really unique and stylish.

Most of the times she makes her daughter subtle and gentle creations like braids in the shape of a heart. Because little girls need to be pretty for school!

However, every morning Shelley does her best to make something eye-catching and interesting, like this creation:

Sometimes, Grace invites her friends from school and her mom makes miracle hairstyles! The girls just adore these braids!

When mom gets inspired, something unique suddenly appears on Grace’s head and it looks fantastic!

Girls sometimes want a romantic and chic hairstyle, so mom performs her magic and here it is, the best romantic braids are there! Super style for another school day!

For more amazing and creative hairstyle ideas for your little angels, check out Shelley’s Instagram account. Enjoy!