hand painted silk scarves

Amazing hand painted silk scarves for Spring 2016 accessories

Gorgeous hand painted silk scarves can be your fashion signature this spring! Vibrant colors paired with flower prints and a gentle touch of silk make them a perfect accessory for spring season.

Silk scarves will give your style a final touch of elegance

There is something intrinsically romantic about silk. The great history of this incredible fabric leads us back to China where it was made for the first time.

The production of silk started in the Neolithic period in China in the 4th millennium BCE. However, with the opening of the famous Silk Road, the era of silk trading began.

Silk was one of the most important trade products for China and Silk Road was very significant factor in developing the whole Asian continent and Europe as well.  The emperors of China wanted to keep the process of making silk secret and they managed to keep it that way for a thousands of years.

The most interesting fact is that silk, at first, was reserved only for royal family. Silk represented the status symbol. Later, the noble class was also allowed to wear it. Many, many years have passed until the ordinary Chinese man was allowed to wear this incredible fabric.

Silk clothing and accessories are highly sophisticated. These beautiful silk scarves with vibrant colors will give your style a refined touch of elegance and glamour. If your wardrobe is mainly in black color, these scarves would a perfect accessory for you. You may have the same pieces of clothing embellished with different scarves for different occasions.

If you like artistic touch for your fashion style, the scarves with these incredible paintings would be a perfect choice! The motifs of butterflies and flowers will look great on you. These small details can really make a difference!

Take a look at these amazing scarves, we are sure that you will like every one of them!